How optimized is your hiring process?

optimised process

Do you want a hiring process that offers provable results, over and over and over again, to find your superstar? SkillTestNow is designed to help you filter thru technical candidates as efficiently as possible, freeing up an incredible amount of time for everyone involved in the hiring process. SkillTestNow will help you on your journey of redesigning your hiring process, so you can reap all its benefits!

SkillTestNow is currently aimed at technical recruiters trying to fill positions in IT System Administration, DevOps, etc. In this article I will explain how you can leverage SkillTestNow to optimize your hiring process and some very useful services we built for you so you can better understand the candidate’s technical strengths and weaknesses for example.


I have around 10 years of experience as a system administrator, DevOps and management of technical people. In my experience I believe a traditional hiring process looks something like this (very high level):

  1. A candidate submits a resume
  2. The recruiter, hiring manager and/or team members scan through the resumes looking for certain keywords, skills or job experience.
  3. Candidates with the best on-paper resumes are invited for a quick remote interview, often to verify expectations – followed by a multi-hour, on-site interview where you delve into the deep technical aspects of the role and assess if the candidate will fit in with the team or company.
  4. Lastly, a decision is made whether to hire the candidate or not and the offer letter and negotiation phases begin

It’s a long and hefty process, but deemed a necessary one (and also often longer as what I described). One of the downsides of this process is that technical skills are only properly challenged near the end of the hiring process, typically during a multi-hour on-site interview. How many times did you discover that a candidate has put a lot more skills and keywords on his resume with the sole purpose of securing an interview? Or maybe there was a misunderstanding between you and the candidate about certain skills or experience level? In my case this happened very often unfortunately and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Unfortunately you usually make this discovery while you’re physically talking to the candidate during an on-site interviews. Can you imagine the cost of man-hours wasted, or how many people’s day was disrupted, etc. every time ever time this happens? (hint: it’s a lot)


So how can SkillTestNow help you may wonder? Well, it’s pretty easy actually 🙂 SkillTestNow is a service for recruiters and hiring managers, that allows moving technical questioning of candidates from one of the last sections of the hiring process, all the way to the beginning. How? By offering you a cutting edge SaaS (Software as a Service) that is 24x7x365 available. You only need a browser and internet connection. In addition, any challenges are done on a real server, so no multiple-choice questions anymore where the candidate can guess the right answer. Lastly there’s scorecards giving you a detailed, but easy to understand report about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. You will know if a candidate is worth following up on, or not, at the blink of an eye.


But what about the questions? What if I’m not too familiar with bash scripting, or all these cool tools that are available these days (and that also change every day)? Or I don’t want to spend days crafting an assessment? At SkillTestNow this is a solved problem! We have pre-built assessment packages. Each package is tailored towards a certain skill and experience level. The process is also very easy: after you signed in you can link an assessment with a candidate in under 10 seconds on the link assessment page, then you can send the candidate a unique link using your favourite tool (email?). Withing minutes of the candidate finishing their assessment you will receive an email with a link to a detailed scorecard for that candidate’s assessment.


How would I know how strong a candidate really is technically? This is a solved problem as well on our service with our scorecards. These scorecards will  tell you in several ways how well a candidate did, what challenges the candidate passed or failed, what high level skills the candidate has mastered, etc. Scorecards are an invaluable tool in your quest to find your superstar!

In conclusion

SkillTestNow can help you make your hiring process a lot more efficient by moving technical testing of candidates all the way to the front of the hiring process. SkillTestNow’s cutting edge service is available 24x7x365 and has pre-built assessments tailored towards the skills and experience level you’re looking for. Detailed scorecards will tell you in several ways what the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are.


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