3 reasons why you should leverage (automated) assessments

automated assessments

Imagine you’re going to make a big purchase, for example a new house, or a car. What is one of the first things you do? Yes, you have a close look at your options first, before making your purchase. Hiring someone is the equivalent for a business. Did you know that according to a CareerBuilder survey, the cost of a bad hire is around $15,000? In this article I’ll mention 3 reasons how you can avoid a bad hire using (automated) assessments.

1) Assessments are objective


Humans are great at interviewing soft skills. I would even say we excel at it. But from experience the majority of an interview process is already done by humans. You prepare yourself the best you can for an interview, but I do believe there’s cases where (automated) assessments shine and do a better job than humans. Technical testing, for example, during the pre-screening process is a great time to involve tools and services like SkillTestNow. There’s a number of questions and challenges every candidate has to solve. After the assessment is over a report is generated automatically, which the human counterpart can read and interpret. That report can, objectively and without biases, show the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are for example.

2) Assessments provide the same baseline for everyone

When you start your interview process with an assessment, there’s an objective baseline candidates need to meet before they can move on to the next stage. You know with certainty who meets a particular requirement, and who doesn’t. This is in especially import when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the right position and avoiding a bad hire (and it’s associated cost) like the CareerBuilder survey mentioned. Of course people have different levels of experience, so different acceptance criteria need to be agreed upon per experience level for example. After all we can’t treat a junior candidate the same way as a more experienced candidate. Arguably this is where the human touch comes in handy.

3) Assessments are an additional (and often low cost) filter.

Automated assessments are a very effective and cost-effective tool everyone should leverage in their hiring process. Especially if you also take into account these assessments can potentially replace some initial phone and video screen interviews as well. The end-result is often better and there’s also no need anymore to spend any time booking and preparing a meeting room (believe me, there’s a lot of time that goes into that), writing reports (this can be done automatically depending on the tool), etc.
In conclusion.

Assessments can be leveraged to your advantage in your hiring process. Every candidate needs to solve the same challenges and an unbiased report is generated afterwards. In addition these assessments can be leveraged to provide an objective baseline candidates need to meet, before they can move on to the next stage. For the hiring company they’re a great addition in the hiring process because these assessments are very effective and cost-efficient to filter out any candidates that would not be a good fit before the on-site interview. In addition automated assessments have the potential of replacing an early phone or video interview.


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